We Are Tom
Chef’s Hat
There’s a new hat in South Melbourne
The Brief
Chef’s Hat was opened in 1996 to cater for the growing hospitality industry in and around the City and south of Melbourne. It has grown quickly and now services restaurants, bars and hotels right across the state as well as a growing group of loyal retail shoppers. We Are Tom were engaged to refresh the identity of Chef’s Hat to modernise the brand, increase consumer presence in the high-end commercial wholesale market while retaining their loyal customer base of retail customers.
The core part of the Chef’s Hat logo was of course, the Chef’s Hat. We worked alongside the team from Chefs Hat to create a new smarter and cleaner ‘hat’ brandmark. The new hat sits within the negative space of the same C from the wordmark, making the logo feel more cohesive and working across multiple applications where the hat icon can be used on its own, seperate from the wordmark or together as a complete lock up.
Photography by Chris Cooper