We Are Tom
Leora — Bentleigh
/ le-aura /
Female name meaning ‘light’ of latin origin.
The Brief
Originating from a Latin female name meaning ‘Light’, Leora has captured this definition and transformed it into a home living concept. Creating a lively community of townhouses in the bay side suburb of Bentleigh, incorporating the pinnacle of southeast living in the height of luxury. Each of the 10 exclusive townhouses is centred around open plan living, delivering a modern impression, driven by a transformative architectural design.
We worked closely with developers CDM Property, agents Jellis Craig and 3D visualisation firm Raw3D to create a modern, luxurious brand and sales collateral suite for Leora in Benthleigh. We were involved in entire process including the naming, brand design and sales collateral design and print including a 24 page brochure with Silver Foil cover details and an A3 Agents Sales Folder with Silver Foil detailing, completed with floorplans, fixtures and finishes and information about the development and the locality.