We Are Tom
Saluministi are more than a panino bar, they are flavours of ​their childhood, the product of generations past and old school at heart.
The Brief
Create a brand that an older generation of Europeans can relate to, a brand that takes them back to the cobble stone back streets of an Italian village but make it modern for a new generation to embrace, enjoy and share. The brand was to represent the core business of 2 brother-in-laws and their passion for Italy, Food for all things Pork. It was to represent old-school made modern.
The one thing Saluministi didn’t want in their logo, was a pig. They had been tarnished by seeing fat little pig silhouette’s in too many logos – looking cheap and common. Pork being their core focus – there had to be an element of this in the logo. The challenege of making old school modern was accomplished through creating a modern geometric pig. This was paired with uniquely italian-inspired slab sans serif typography to tie the modern and traditional together. The result – a memorable logo with an icon that could be used individially and instantly recognisable.
Photography by Pat Freyne